The optimum attaching location of Sinji Car Kit

Sinji Car Kit allows a simultaneous charging and mounting on various locations within the vehicle. This product has the special ability to attach onto a location withminimal adhesive surface. Let us review the pros and cons of this product. 

Unlike other car kits, it can be attached onto the edge of the dashboard. Thereby, it clears the view for navigation, the smartphone is within reach, and there is only minimum obstruction of the center-fascia. The disadvantages are that the car kit can weaken the adhesion, may leave a different coloration upon removal, and may leave a stain or indentation on natural leather. It is recommended to use a generous amount of adhesive tape on the cradle provided in the Sinji Car Kit in case of cars with conventional horizontal dashboards.

The second recommendation is the center-fascia. Especially in cases of complex dashboards, the driver navigation gets facilitated when the car kit is attached at this location. As most center-fascias are made of metal or plastic material, the resulting adhesion is relatively strong, and does not leave much of a stain upon removal.  The disadvantage to this would be that the phone is further away than the desirable distance from the driver. However, this solution is recommended in case of drivers with a complex dashboard line, or for those who do not use the smartphone for navigation purposes.

Sinji Car Kit can be installed on the edge of the dashboard or center-fascia. Thus, it provides the user with an unique convenience. Sinji Car Kit can suit the needs of drivers, regardless of the location of the mount or the model of the vehicle.