Clear Driving Vision with Sinji Car Kit

There are a few locations for adequate smartphone mounting. A smartphone that is attached to the windshield fits many vehicles, but they tend to impede the view of the driver. Car mounts that are attached to the dashboard have a tendency to detach over time, impede the view, and are often too far away to reach. Recently, a new type that can be inserted into the CD slot has been introduced. However, it interferes with the car-audio system and the center-fascia as a whole.

Sinji Car Kit is different from conventional car mounts in that it uses 3M tape (strong Korean adhesive tape) on the cradle bottom. This poses several advantages: First, 3M tape provides strong adhesion even on small surface. Second, a small surface that is about the size of two coins will provide sufficient adhesion on the dashboard or the center-fascia.  Also, the 3M tape used in Sinji Car Kit detaches easily and leaves a clean surface without any residues. Therefore, Sinji Car Kit can be attached with minimal surface area, and be installed almost anywhere.

Sinji Car Kit’s neat edge trim allows an attachment with minimal interference near the car-audio system, the vents or the center-fascia. When installed on the edge of the dashboard, as preferred by most drivers, it blocks just a tiny bit of the vent, yet provides optimum view and operating angle. If installed on the top plastic surface of the center-fascia, the 3M tape will provide a strong adhesion and stability, detach easily and cleanly, and overall take up minimum space.

Sinji Car Kit can beattached onto surfaces of dashboards or center-fascias given a total surface of two coins. Sinji Car Kit has been attached to the edge of the dashboard on straightforward dashboards as used in GM, Ford, Hyundai, and Kia vehicles. In vehicles with more sculptured center-fascias such as Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen, this kit has often been attached to the plastic and metal surface on top of the center-fascia.

The features mentioned above of Sinji Car Kit allows it to be installed in almost all vehicles and car models, and, therefore, gives more customer satisfaction than any other smartphone car mount.

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