Universal Car Mount: Sinji Car Kit

What does the driver want when using the smartphone in the car?

If the driver uses the smartphone for navigation, he would like to use it without any disturbance of his driving vision. In case of long-distance driving, the smartphone requires charging. Also, the smartphone has to be in a convenient location to enable the driver to easily answer the phone or to listen to music. 

There are many such smartphone mounts on the market. However, since they attach to the dashboard or the windshield, they hinder the driver’s vision. In addition, they are far away from the driver. Moreover, the charging is usually done separately. Sinjimoru introduces a smartphone charging mount without all those problems. It is called “Sinji Car Kit”.

The biggest advantage of Sinji Car Kit is its one hand charging/mounting function. The charging cable is connected to the smartphone charging port to enable charging and mounting simultaneously. Additionally, it can be detached with one hand by slightly pushing it up.

Another advantage of Sinji Car Kit is that it can be attached to the front of the dashboard or center-fascia for extra convenience. High-strength 3M tape enables the attachment in even small areas, and will not leave dirty spots or residue upon detachment. Sinji Car Kit is one of the few smartphone mounts that provide so many advantages. 

Furthermore, Sinji Car Kit supports various smartphone models. The same product can be used for Apple’s 30 pin-cable or lightning cable. Android smartphones, like Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series, Nexus Series, and HTC ONE, can use Sinjimoru’s micro 5 pin cable. Sinjimoru supports both the lightning cable by suppling the iPhone package and micro USB 5 pin cable by suppling the Android package, so you may continue to use Sinji Car Kit even after changing your smartphone.

All of the bove mentioned advantages of Sinji Car Kit are not found in any of the other smartphone mounts, and they will provide consumers with much convenience. If you care to replace your smartphone mount, or are looking for a mount for the first time, Sinji Car Kit is a must-have item.