What users expect out of a smartphone mount is a one-handed operation, which enables the driver to use all needed functions like calling and navigation in the most comfortable way.

Most universal type smartphone mounts must be held with one hand while the other hand inserts the phone. This burden gets worse when the mount is placed near the windshield. Sinji Car Kit simplifies the operation by one-handed attachment and detachment. 

The science behind this convenience is that Sinji Car Kit’s charging cable holds the smartphone charging cable connector firmly in place. Simply, push the main holder upwards, with the phone below it and place the smartphone on top of the charger. 

Moreover, the used spring that holds the main holder is a plate-coil type, not a stick-type as used by conventional holders. The solid material ensures the phone's even position regardless of the location of main holder. Thus, Sinji Car Kit, unlike other brands, can even mount 5-inch smartphones like Galaxy Note Series. 

Furthermore, the location of Sinji Car Kit is closer to the driver than that of any other brand. It is easily accessible without excessive reaching or stooping, and provides high satisfaction and stability.

These 3 advantages of Sinji Car Kit provide convenience superior to any other smartphone mount, and will assist in making the future driving experience way safer.