By supporting various smartphones, Sinji Car Kit enjoys a high popularity in the market. Various charging cables from many different manufacturers can be fitted onto this charger/mount. Here are supported smartphones: iPhones and Android smartphones. 

Sinji Car Kit supports all of iPhones and most of iPods in mounting and charging, because it is able to accommodate Apple’s 30 pin-cable and lightning cable. These are the specific models that are compatible: iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and most of iPods and iPod Touch. The height of iPhones is under 125mm, so the phones can be mounted even with most protective case. 

Android smartphones must meet the following criteria: Smartphones with micro 5 pin USB cable must be shorter than 6 inches (157mm), and the charging port must be on the bottom center. The compatible phones are all of Galaxy S series, all of Galaxy Note series, G2 LG, Gx, G Pro, Vu series of LG, Vega Iron and Vega Secret Up. The used micro 5 pin cable must be the one from Sinjimoru. The provided curled cable will supply a neat and speedy charging. 

Sinji Car Kit’s structural design does not allow for smartphones with side-charging jacks. In addition, the mount height capacity must be raised in order to accommodate phones taller than 6 inches. 

Despite these minor restrictions, Sinji Car Kit is the only charger/mount that supports so many iPhones and Galaxy Series, providing customers the right charger/mount for their phones.