The Sync Stand Clear and the Sync Stand Aluminum received lots of popularity after its release in 2011 by having a neat design combined with elegant materials which make charging and syncing an stunning experience.  

Even though we chose a neat form for the Sync Stand Chrom to give it a metallic feeling, it still continuous its precedence's functional design. Charge your iPhone in the most beautiful way possible!

Carries a Brilliant Feeling of Metal

You can feel the metallic beauty by looking at the product‘s rigidity and its bright appearance

Apple MFI Certified

It is combined with an Apple MFI certified Lightning cable, so all of iPhones and iPads which use a Lightning connector can be connected.

Supports Protective Cases

All of cases thinner than 0.1 inch/2.5mm at the bottom part where the charging socket is located, are supported. Thus, the iPhone can be charged with its case on. 


Color of Products

Smoky Silver

Pure Silver

how to use

Simply, stick your iPhone into the Lightning Cable and you can use it.

supported smARTPHONES

All iPhones and iPads which use an Apple Lightning connector can be used/are supported.


1 product is packed able to use immediately.