ALUMINUM Sync stand

Sync Stand is a product for charging/mounting while being connected to the recharging cable. It can be used to safely charge and mount smartphones on the table. Moreover, these functions are well supported by the well-designed material and shape. Thus, the user satisfaction is further increased.

One of the best advantages of the Sync Stand is that it can support various smartphones by using different cables. When you check the charging cable that fits your smartphone and choose the Aluminum Sync Stand package for such a model, you can use it without any problem.

Charging & mounting at ONCE

Sync Stand mounts the phone, connected with the charging cable, and recharges the smartphone at the same time.

Beauty of Aluminum

The combination of rough colored surface with diamond cut lines maximizes the beauty of the aluminum.

Supports Various Smartphones

It supports iPhone and most of the Android smartphones. Choose the suitable package.

main feature of the product

The Aluminum Sync Stand was designed to consider usage environment and beauty at the same time.

supported smartphones

The Aluminum Sync Stand supports both iPhone and Android smartphones. Since the Aluminum Sync Stand fixes the charging cable via a holder, just replacing the holder and the corresponding cable may support either iPhone or Android smartphones.


Supports iPod Touch, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and succeeding models that use a Lightning Cable.


Supports most of the Android smartphones and Microsoft smartphones that use a Micro 5 pin and have a charger socket at the bottom center of the phone.


The charger socket of the Sync Stand is floating about 2.5mm. Therefore, smartphone cases with a thickness of the part around the charger socket within 2.5mm may be used without any problem.


As there are various package types according to supported smartphones and jacks that you purchased, you can order the package based on desired specifications.

IPHONE Package

For iPhone users, please refer to the desired specifications and package components before buying the product.


  • Target users : iPhone users who want a fast charge function of the MFI cable (Up to 2.4A, usually 1.5A)