Sinjimoru o-Grab

Sinjimoru O-Grab is a phone mount that will look great anywhere in your car thanks to its small circular design. 
Advanced infrared (IR) sensors, which reduce errors, recognize your smartphone as it approaches the mount and it will automatically open the holders on the sides.  The fastening of the automatic phone mount fits into your car vent without harming it or leaving scratches. In addition, a LED light, tag switch, and unlock button were installed for a safer and more convenient phone mounting.


Cutting Edge IR Sensors

Advanced IR sensors that minimize recognition errors can detect objects by emitting infrared light and recognizing infrared rays that are reflected back onto the sensor.


Tag Switch

Thanks to the installed tag switch, the mount will not open up unless the unlock button is pressed, even if it is disconnected from the cable or another problem arises. 


Unlock Button

The unlock button is placed conveniently so you can easily press it with one finger when grabbing your phone to remove it.


Ball Joint

Sinjimoru O-Grabs' holder clip and main body are connected by a ball joint, which allows for better adjustment of the angle.


How To use

A. How to Use Sinjimoru O-Grab


1. Press the lock of the mount into the desired position of your car vent and secure it.
2. Connect the Type C cable to the mount and wait for the blue light at the bottom to flash.
3. When you put your smartphone close to the mount, the sensors will automatically recognize it and unlock the side holders.
4. When you place your smartphone on the unlocked mount, it will automatically close the holders on the side and lock it so your phone is safe.

Two Kind of Products

Sinjimoru O-Grab is available in two variations: The O-Grab is an automatic phone mount for your car for users that have a phone which does not support wireless charging. The Sinjimoru O-Grab Wireless Charger is the same automatic phone mount for your car but with an additional wireless charging function.


General Use
1. Contact with water or other liquids may cause defect. 
2. Be sure to remove the power supply (cable) when cleaning the main body of the mount.
3. Normal operating temperature is between minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 Degrees Fahrenheit) and 50 degrees Celsius (122 Degrees Fahrenheit).
4. The motion aware infrared sensors can become overly sensitive when infrared light is reflected back onto the sensor from objects. On the other hand black objects absorb light and the perception ability of the sensors may be weaker than for white objects. 
5. The motor that reacts to the IR sensors may have intermittent malfunctions if the sensor is disrupted. However, in case of malfunctions, the tag switch keeps the mount from unlocking and your smartphone will not fall down.
6. When using the heater of your car in winter, it is recommended to close the air vents to use the O-Grab.

Sinjimoru O-Grab Precautions
1. In case the car engine (power supply) is turned OFF while mounting your phone
 - Even if the power supply is interrupted suddenly, the mount will hold onto the smartphone and be on stand-by. Once the power is restored, the smartphone can be removed by pressing the unlock button.
2. In case the car engine (power supply) is turned ON while mounting your phone
 - The mount will hold onto the smartphone and be on stand-by. The smartphone can be removed by pressing the unlock button.
3. In case the car engine (power supply) is turned OFF while the phone mount is operating
 - Even if the power supply is interrupted suddenly, the spring inside the phone mount is activated and the side holders will be fully closed
4. In case the smartphone is removed with force
 - The phone mount will be on stand-by and can be reactivated by pressing the unlock button or when the infrared sensor detects an object.

Product Components

O-Grab Main Body + C Type Cable + Air Vent Mounting Clip


Separately available


Dashboard Holder

In case you cannot use the air vent mounting clip to attach the phone mount because of the type of air vents your car has, you can purchase an additional dashboard holder for the phone mount separately. 
It can not only be attached the the dashboard but also to glass windows of your car and it can be re-positioned without problems.