Luxurious sinji pouch 5 with natural leather

The Sinji Pouch has received a lot of love from customers as it was launched to support the new lifestyle that the smartphone has brought to us since 2011. The Sinji Pouch 5 is a product for the iPhone 5/5S. It is an exclusive pouch attached to the back of the phone. This product uses natural leather and thus adds a luxury factor to the original Sinji Pouch.


  • 2 different colors to choose from depending on which suits your taste.
  • Products available in single sheet and in three sheets.
  • As it uses the removable tape of 3M, it can be attached strongly to the smartphone and does not leave any alien substance when removed after usage.


  • iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s





1.  When using my transportation card or ID card inside the Sinji Pouch, it sometimes is not recognized. Why is that so?  

The transportation card or ID card often transmits or receives wireless transmissions, while electromagnetic waves from the smartphone, or the metallic material on its surface, disrupt wireless recognition. Particularly, the aluminum used for the body of the iPhone 5 / 5s and iPhone 6 / 6 plus disturbs the electric waves and causes a significant drop in recognition rate.

In this case, inserting a material that can absorb the electromagnetic waves between the transportation card and the smartphone can increase the recognition rate. The electromagnetic wave absorbing card of Sinjimoru has the function to absorb electromagnetic waves and transform them into thermal energy. Thus, it can be used to increase the recognition rate. Moreover, if a different kind of card is inserted between the transportation card and the smartphone, the electromagnetic waves are partially absorbed and thus it helps to improve the recognition rate.

2. What is the maximum number of cards for the pouch?

We usually recommend inserting 3, but it may store up to a maximum of 10.

3. Is there a concern of cards falling out due to stretched fabric? 

The fabric used for Sinji Pouch is a highly elastic fiber that easily recovers from every day use. Thus, there is no need to worry about cards easily falling out.     

4. Can it still be used after removal?

We do not recommend reusing the Sinji Pouch since its adhesive tape does not support it. However, as adhesive power remains to a certain level even after removal, it may be reused if there are no alien substances.

5. What are the differences among the Sinji Pouch series and with which criteria should I select them?
There is essentially no difference in terms of functionality, but there are some partial dissimilarities in terms of colors and materials. Therefore, please choose the product which suits your taste best.
Sinji Pouch Basic 1 : First product released in the series and made with matt high elasticity fiber. It is available in 7 colors.
Sinji Pouch Basic 2: Made thinner and lighter than Sinji Basic 1, it has 14 colors to match according to the color of the smartphone or its protective case.
Sinji Pouch Basic 3: It has 12 colors that expanded and broadened the choice of popular colors in Basic 2.
Sinji Pouch Denim Classic : Utilizes denim-like cloth to transfer the unique feeling of this material.
Sinji Pouch Denim : Adds some fun to the Denim Classic by putting on it a back pocket in jeans design.
Sinji Pouch Side : Here, cards can be inserted in the side.
Sinji Pouch Leather series : Realized luxury by using natural leather.


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