Sinji Glass 2D

Sinji Glass 2.5D is a strong tempered glass screen protector that is made to fit your iPhone screen perfectly and is compatible with a variety of cases as well. 

The round cut of the edges connects seamlessly to your iPhone while the glass feels smooth and lets you enjoy clear high-definition images on your phone screen.

Forget about struggles like air bubbles when trying to attach a screen protector to your phone and meet the new solution: Sinji Glass! You won't regret this choice. 


One Touch Attachment

Wipe the screen clean, place Sinji Glass on top of the screen and press it gently with your fingers - you will see how it easily sticks together right away!


Oleophobic Coating

The oil resistant coating keeps your screen clean from fingerprints and other other oily marks and maintains high clarity of the glass for your viewing pleasure.


9H Strong Tempered Glass

9H refers to the hardness of objects on Mohs Hardness Scale from 1 - 10. Sinji Glass ranks at a hardness level of 9 which makes it highly scratch resistant and almost as hard as diamonds.


Prevents Scattering

Sinji Glass is safe to use. Even if the glass does break due to strong force, the glass will not break into shatters and spread everywhere.


How to use

A. How to use Sinji Glass 2.5D


1. Wipe the smartphone screen with the original WET cleaner. If dust remains, it can be removed with the dust-removing sticker. 
2. Remove the protective film from the back of the glass.
3. Align the Sinji Glass with your smartphone screen and place it on top. 
4. Press once from top to bottom to easily adhere Sinji Glass to the phone screen. Check for unattached parts and attach them with a gentle touch. In case you used the guideline stickers for attachment you can now remove them and use your phone like usual.

Supported smartphones


iPhone 6/6s/6P/6sP


iPhone 7/8/ 7P/8P


iPhone X


- Sinji Glass 2.5D is compatible with all phone cases on the market.
- Air bubbles may occur due to a mistake in attachment, but the bubbles will naturally disappear after 2 to 3 days.

Package contents

Sinji Glass 2.5D + WET wipe + cleaning cloth + dust-remover sticker