Ringo's Belly button

It is true that smartphones become the indispensable things in our daily lives. Until the present, Sinjimoru has always put every effort to innovate smartphone accessories which enable its users to use their smartphones more conveniently and safely.

Ringo’s belly Button is a well-made universal magnetic mount. It is designed to attach it any place such as car dashboard, monitor or walls. This fabulous magnetic mount generates a powerful magnetic field that secures several types of mobile phones. Ringo’s belly button is affordable, easy to use and durable non-marring magnetic mount.

The combination of Ringo and Ringo's belly button will have a great synergy effect since users can use their smartphones more conveniently and safely in a variety of ways. 


Complete Functionality

Ringo’s belly button is comprised of a magnet which has more than 4000 Gauss, magnetic steel plate which enhances magnetic fields, 3M tape with excellent adhesion, and soft silicone pads to prevent damages on the smartphones. 


Excellent Space Utilization

Ringo’s belly button is the magnetic mount that can be attached anywhere. It can be used without any limitation since users can simply attach it if there’s any space to install it for watching videos or listening music.


Universal Compatibility

Ringo's belly button shows the best functionality when using it with the Ringo but it is also compatible with a broad range of products that are made of iron or magnetic plates.






how to USe

How to use gel pad


Remove the protection sheet on the backside.


Attach Ringo’s belly button on any surfac.

Use it conveniently with Ringo or other products.

Product Components

Ringo's Belly Button (1) + 3M Tape (1)