RFID blocking card

 Sinjimoru RFID Blocking Card has the function to disturb or block RFID signals. It effectively prevents unwanted payments made by RFID scanners and readers to keeps user’s financial and personal information safe. Therefore, protect your valuable credit information from identity theft and electronic pick-pocketing with Sinjimoru RFID Blocking Cards.


It prevents unauthorized credit card payments or identity theft from illegal use of RFID scanners and readers.

It also prevents recognition or duplication of RFID type ID cards.

It has an ultra-thin (0.5mm) thickness which makes it easier to store with multiple cards.

main features of the product

How to use

  • Place Sinjimoru RFID Blocking Card either in front of or behind a credit card, ID card, or transportation cards.


1. The Sinjimoru RFID Blocking Card is able to block two or three cards at the same time.

2. Sinjimoru RFID Blocking Card also enables its users to prevent duplicate payments or payment errors that occurred by malfunctioning of RFID scanners.