place your smartphone wherever you like

Nowadays, people can receive a great deal of information such as navigation, current traffic information or music from their smartphone while driving. However, in the car itself there rarely is a convenient place for the smartphone.

Sinjimoru Gecko adapted Sinjimoru car mount's simple design. You can place it anywhere without using any tools. Gecko Car Mount uses a micro suction pad, and with its adhesion, it allows us to mount our smartphone conveniently. 


 New ideas: Nano Pad

To put it easy, Nano Pad is a form of micro suction. There are lots of tiny, invisible adhesion points, which provide a strong adhesive power when a smooth surface is attached to it.


Wireless Charging

It supports the iPhone's highest charging speed of 7.5 W, as well as the Samsung Galaxy series' highest charging speed of 10 W. 


Superb Design

Designed for safety & easy use, there won't be any damage to the phone due to accumulating heat or charging problems. Also, the ball design in the back allows smooth adjustment of the angle. 

Supplementary Equipment

The Gecko Nano Wireless Charger comes with a Nano Wiping Pad to remove dust and it also comes with an assistant adhesive film for stronger adhesion if needed.


How To use

A. How to Use the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger


1. Remove the protective film from the 3M Tape at the bottom of the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger.
2. Attach the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger to the desired location, after making sure that there are no dust or oily substances on the surface. 
3. Hang the included Nano Wiping/Protection Pad around the neck of the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger. 


4. Connect the Sinjimoru Micro USB 5 Pin cable to the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger. 
5. Now place your smartphone (that supports wireless charging) on the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger. 
6. Enjoy fast and reliable charging while driving safely! 


B. How to use the Adhesive Strengthening Film


1. Remove the protective layer from the back side of the adhesive strengthening film.
2. Place the adhesive strengthening film on the back side of a phone case or smartphone if they are not perfectly smooth. 
3. With additional adhesive support, the smartphone can now be placed on the Gecko Nano Wireless Charger.


C. How to use the Nano Wiping Pad


1. If the Nano Pad of the Gecko Wireless Charger is covered with dust or dirt, the adhesiveness might be reduced. 
2. In that case the Nano Wiping Pad can be used to remove all of the dust or dirt.
3. The adhesiveness will be back to how it was at the beginning and the smartphone can be mounted again. 


D. How to clean the Nano Wiping Pad


1. If you clean the Nano Pad of the Gecko Wireless Charger, the Nano Wiping Pad can collect dirt over time.
2. In that case, wash the Nano Wiping Pad under running water and let it dry. 
3. The clean Nano Wiping Pad can also be put on top of the Gecko Wireless Charger to protect the Nano Pad from dirt while it is not being used. 


1.  The 3M tape on the Gecko Nano Wireless charger will reach 50 % of it's full adhesive strength after 20 minutes, 90 % after 24 hours, and 100 % after 72 hours at room temperature.
2. If your phone case is made of leather, is curved, or if it is in any way textured and not smooth, apply the assistant adhesive film before use. 
3. If the Nano Pad of the Gecko Wireless Charger is covered in dust, the adhesiveness will be reduced, so keep it clean at all times. 
4. If the Nano Pad or adhesive film get damaged, you can contact us to purchase / request a new one. 

Product Components


Gecko Nano Car Mount


Wiping Pad


Assistant Adhesive Film


3M Tape


Micro USB 5 Pin Cable