clingy stand 2 for apple watch

Use the Clingy Stand as a mount which can be placed at your iMac or monitor. While the Clingy Stand 1 was made to become your smartphone mount, Clingy Stand 2 is exclusively designed to be your mount for your Apple Watch and charger.  

Clingy Stand 2 takes on a simple appearance in order to assure a space efficient storing of your Apple Watch. Therefore, it can mount your Apple Watch neatly and concisely.

Supports all Apple Watches

Supports all kinds of Apple Watches, including the 38mm / 42mm versions, etc.  


Supports two kinds of Apple Watch chargers

If you make use of the enclosed silicon cushion, you can use a slightly heavy Apple Watch plastic housing charger or even a Apple Watch metal housing charger. 

Supports Nightstand Mode

As the mount has a wide form, the nightstand mode function of Apple Watch OS 2.0 is supported. 




Clean and neat use just by attaching it to the bottom of your imac or monitor.

SUPPORTED apple watches

 It can be used for all Apple Watches.

Apple Watch 42mm

Apple Watch 38mm

how to use

In case of a Apple Watch plastic housing charger, place the Apple Watch charger inside the product and connect it with each other.

In case of a Apple Watch metal housing charger, insert at the bottom the silicon cushion and connect the parts witch each other.

Remove the safety paper from the double-sided tape and place the Clingy Stand wherever you like.

It can be placed at any computer, monitor, etc. which has an attaching space of width 45mm and length 15mm.

the package includes / product COMPONENTS

  • Top cover

  • Bottom body

  • Silicon cushion

  • Extra adhesive tape