ballIE AIR

Nowadays, people can receive great deals of information such as navigation, traffic information, or music through one's smartphone while driving. Though some vehicles have these functions installed, they still cannot replace your phones.

Sinjimoru Ballie Air is a magnetic phone holder mountable with clip on air vent. You can easily adjust the Ballie air according to the thickness of the vent blade and put your phone to the magnetic head thanks to it's powerful 4 pole magnet.

You can use it 2 ways, either mount it on the dashboard or center facia if you dissemble the ball from the blade clip.


Powerful Magnetic From 4 Pole Magnet

4 Pole Neodymium magnet is 2 times more powerful than normal upper and lower magnets, which allows the smartphone to hang tightly on to the magnet itself due to its 4 pole magnetic strength moving to 4 quarters. Also your phone can easily be attached to the magnet, only by its magnetic power without any extra structure. 


Adjustable to the thickness of the vent blade

Designed to be freely adjustable by the driver according to the thickness of the air vent, Ballie air provides secure and firm hold of your smartphones.


2 Way Use

Ballie Air can be easily dissembled separating the ball head from the vent blade clip. The ball head can be mounted with 3M adhesive tape on the car dashboard, on your desk, anywhere you wish to use it.


Usage of plates according to your phone cases

Ballie Air provides 2 plates, in-Plate and out-Plate.
Out-Plate is to be attached to the outside of the phone case while in-Plate is to be attached inside of the case.



Taking up only little space, Out-Plate strongly attaches your smartphone to  Ballie. We recommend attaching it on the outside of a phone case to avoid any scratch on the phone. 



You can use the In-Plate on the inside of your case when the case is thinner than 2mm. The protective anti-scratch film covered on the plate protects your phone from any scratch. 

how to install the mount on the vent


A. How to install ballie AIR


1. Turn the ball clockwise to combine with the vent blade clip.


2. Put Ballie on the vent blade and turn it clock-wise.



3. Put your smartphone on Ballie Air.




1. Turn the ball counterclockwise to separate from Ballie Air.


2. Peel off the protection sheet from the 3M adhesive tape from the bottom of the ball head.


3. Press the ball on the place you wish to mount Ballie Air.


C. How to Use the Out-Plate


1. Peel off the protection sheet from the Out-Plate.


2. Attach it to the back of the smartphone or on the phone case.


3. Put your smartphone onto Ballie.


D. How to Use the In-Plate


1. Peel off the protection sheet from the back of the In-Plate.


2. With the Sinjimoru logo facing to the front, attach it to the inside of the phone case. 


3. Mount your smartphone onto the Ballie.


1. When adjusting the angle of your smartphone mounted on Ballie Air, if you press the phone counterclockwise too hard, it might cause either the ball head to be disassembled from Ballie air or the vent blade clip to be open and get loose.


2. If you have used the ball mount on the dashboard and now wish to mount it on the air vent blade,  please peel off the protection sheet thoroughly off from the bottom of the ball head and combine with Ballie Air.                                                                                                   

3. The adhesive strength of the adhesive tape being 50% in 20 minutes, 90% in 24 hours, 100% in 72 hours, we recommend to wait at least 24 hours to use.

4. If you attach the plate directly on your smartphone, it may cause some scratch. We recommend to attach it on the phone case.

5. The plate may interfere with wireless charging. Please avoid wireless charging spot when installing the plate.

6. When you install the plate inside the phone case, the thickness of the case must be less than 2mm. 

Product Components

Magnetic Head (1) + Ballie Air Body(1) + 3M Adhesive Tape(2) + In-Plate (1) + Out-Plate (1) + Manual (1)