Nowadays, people can receive great deals of information such as navigation, traffic information, or music from one's smartphone while driving. However inside the vehicle, there is not enough space for a smartphone.

Sinji Moru Ballie comes in a minimal size, easy to install, allows it on dashboards or center facias. The neodymium which is located on the magnet head has an amazing magnetic force for attachment. The driver can use the smartphone comfortably, as if the product originally came with the vehicle.


powerful neodymium magnet

Sinji Moru Ballie Neodymium’s magnet has such a strong holding power, not only it helds steady after you fix your smartphone on to the product, but it also allows fast setting.


mountable on any spot

The driver can freely choose a location to attach the mount at hand. Whether it is at the dashboard, center fascia or any decided places inside the vehicle.



various angle adjustments

The driver stretches out his arm and picks the spot where he or she would feel most comfortable with to have one's smartphone placed, mostly on the dashboard or center facias. Because of its circular shape, it makes it easy to fix its position. The product can be set at the user’s wanted position.


plate using method vary by phone cases

In order to use the Magnetic Car Mount, you should use plates included in the package. It consists of the Out-Plate which is attached directly onto the back of the smartphone or the case itself, and the In-Plate which is attached to the inside of the phone case.



Occupying small footprint, Out-Plate strongly attaches your smartphone to a Ballie. We recommend you to attach it on the case for avoiding possible scratch on it.



You can use the In-Plate on the inside of your case when the case is thinner than 2mm. The protective film covered on the plate prevents scratches from happening on the backside of your phone. 

how to attach the mount


A. How to use the ballie


1. Clean the surface where it will be attached to, with the gauze


2. Remove the cover, which is attached to the ballie body base.


4. Place the smartphone in the Ballie holder


B. How to Use the Out-Plate


1. Remove the cover, which is attached to the Out-Plate.


2. Attach it to the rear of the smartphone or on the protective case.


3. Put your smartphone onto the Ballie.


C. How to Use the In-Plate


1. Remove the cover, which is on the edge of the in plate.


2. With the Sinjimoru logo facing to the front, attach it to the inside of the phone case. 


3. Mount your smartphone onto the Balliet.

Safety Instructions

1. Please be careful, if the plate is directly attached to the smartphone’s surface, scratches may occur when the plate pushes onto it.
2. If a wireless charged smartphone is used, the plate can potentially interfere with the wireless charging function. Therefore, please make sure to avoid             attaching the plate in the area of the wireless charge.
3. To ensure the compatibility of the plate with your case, please use a case thinner than 2.0mm.

Product Components